What can a premium generic domain name do for your business?


From literally working out of their garage, the Fallenstein family launched CostumesGalore.net as a local costume rental business.  To expand their business The Fallensteins eventually took a big risk and put all of their profit into one giant bet with HalloweenCostumes.com.  The bet paid off within the first 9 months of ownership.  To expand beyond the seasonality of their business they then purchased the domain name Tshirts.com (and associated names) for $1.26 million.  Two years later the Fallensteins purchased shirts.com for continued expansion.  After seeing the power of what great, short,premium generic domain names can do they eventually purchased FUN.com (for a ton of money) as the keystone brand for the company.

This report is condensed from an article by Jamie Zoch of DotWeekly.com.




A maker of browser based games, 37Wan, purchased the domain name 37.com for $1,960,000 and changed their domain name address from 37wan.com to 37.com.  The CEO said the purchase was important for several reasons. “One, it is easier to remember and thus easier for new customers to find on the web. Two, the company is expanding into global markets and a simpler domain name is better understood and received by an international audience. And three, we noticed the great success two other companies achieved (VIP.com & JD.com) after upgrading their domain name to short acronyms.”



Location. Location. Location.

Or, put another way, how to use premium domains as premium property.

Mobile traffic and mobile commerce, areas where uber short and memorable premium domains are proven kings, are positively exploding in new markets both in the US and internationally.  Additionally, a premium domain name will add value to your brand.  Location (i.e.- premium domain name) provides brand credibility and market share.  A couple of examples are Russian Standard Vodka’s purchase of the premium domain Vodka.com.  For the following three years their annual US growth rate was 56% and acquiring that premium domain name was an integral part of that success.  Also, Mint.com credited their investment in a premium domain as a primary factor that enabled their brand to currently reach 15 million users.

Above is a highly condensed report reprinted with the permission of Andrew Rosener of Media Options.

To read their excellent article in full go to www.MediaOptions.com.



For corporate and/or government online services in either the United States (eUS.com) or the European Union States (EUS.com) no domain name holds more potential.  Not only own the US but also own the European Union States.



eUS.com provides instant traction for social networking.


Travel, tourism and real estate are naturals for eUS.com. Note that: VacationRentals.com sold for $35,000,000; RealEstate.com sold for $8,250,000; Israel.com sold for $5,880,000; MyrtleBeach.com reportedly sold for $6,500,000; Korea.com sold for $5,000,000.  If such site-specific domain names bring such prices, imagine what one can do with the whole of the U.S or the European Union States!


Out-auction ebay and out-coupon Groupon with a site even easier to remember and input.


And, of course, eUS.com is an easy fit for expanded ecommerce.  Even out-amazon amazon.com with the domain name that brings clients quicker to you… eUS.com.  eUS.com truly brings the world of ecommerce to your customer’s doorstep.