Domain Name Guide

Here are some of the reasons why Businesses and Individuals invest in domain names:


Instant Brandability - With the right name your brand is already built, e.g:, A targeted domain name can be used to protect your current brand, or promote certain areas within your business.


Instant Credibility - Your domain name is the first thing people see., gives out a far more powerful message than


Easy to remember & relevant to your business - Repeat Business.More businesses are competing on the web, and to get noticed amongst the billions of pages you need to have the best real estate!


Business Asset/Investment - The name is a business asset that will increase in value as more Individuals and businesses come online.Memorable, Generic and Brandable  names are rapidly increasing in value as people realize the need to stand out from their competitors.


Minimize competition - If you don’t have a great name - you can be sure your competitors will. Work out the lifetime value of each customer you could lose by buying a poor quality domain name.


The correct name is a Salesman Working tirelessly for you 24 hours a day. Combined with this is the fact it’s an entire marketing campaign that will never be outdated or irrelevant.


If you are a new business it will enable you to launch your brand into the public’s mind at a very low cost, and get the kick start you need to start competing in the global marketplace.