Domain Name Quotes

The demand for premium generic domain names has been growing 27% year over year.  And the value for the most desirable of these generic domain names continues to climb, regardless of the vagaries of economic fluctuations.

“An easy to find and easy to remember address creates top-of-mind awareness for potentially tens of millions of customers. Even $10 million is relatively inexpensive when compared to the much greater cost of creating awareness.”

"A good domain is the best marketing investment ever made."  Max Haot, LiveStream CEO

"The single most important online marketing decision you can make is choosing your domain name."

“Domain names are not about words.  It’s like real estate.  This industry is only about a decade old.  People looked at domain names as a commodity.  It’s a piece of real estate on the Web that can’t be replaced.  It’s your stake in the ground, your stake in the Internet.”  M. Cahn, CEO Moniker.

When Amazon paid $928 million for Zappos in July, it got a little something extra in the box: the domain name. It turns out that Zappos bought the domain last year from Idealab for $4.9 million.

"A premium domain name remains the key to your email identity, and fundamental to your marketing and even capital-raising.  One of the key ways VCs filter the deluge of companies raising funding is their domain name."  David Teten, venture capitalist.

"A prime generic domain name is not a replacement for a strong brand.  It compliments a business."

“If you have the money, purchase the best domain name you can get your hands on. But remember the golden rule: adomain name is only worth what you can do with it. We’ve turned down $5,000,000 for and didn’t think twice about it because we’ve monetized it so well."  David Castello

A small Austin marketing firm has paid $2.75 million for  "It's like prime real estate, there's only so much of this real estate to go around. I feel like we bought a slice of Park Avenue," said ClickSuccess CEO Dan Smith.

According to a study conducted by Cisco Systems, the internet will grow to 25 BILLION users by 2025 and will produce $3 TRILLION in commerce.  In 1995 there were 16 million Internet users worldwide and today there are about 2 billion.  The internet has grown 100x from 1995 to 2010. Buyer Explains “No-Brainer” Rationale for Buying Domain 
"Invest in a premium domain name or stick my money in a bank? That was an easy decision." says Mark Horne on why he invested seven figures for the domain name   Horne described the decision as a “no-brainer”.
“From an investment standpoint, if you had a million dollars cash right now, what do you do with it?” asked Horne. “Stick it in the bank and you'd make $12,000 a year on that money. I prefer to put it into an asset like where I know the business well.”  Horne said the domain will produce a great return, and the underlying asset has significant value.