The with 3-LLLs.

With floor prices for 2-LL.coms over $1 million, the value for premium 3-LLL.coms continues to appreciate substantially.  Just a few examples of recent 3-LLL.coms sales are:, $1,058,000;, $1 million;, $1 million;, $1 million;, $850,000;, $850,000.


A generic, pronounceable word is the best launching pad for a brand to become unique enough to develop into its own verb.  A 3-letter .com domain name that can do this while being easy to pronounce, spell, and remember is extremely rare.  Bottom line... provides the impact, retention and marketability of a without the associated LL price.


Many high profile companies that dominate their respective market chose to brand with the ‘e’ domain name instead of the actual word because of the open, inviting sound that directs a customer to their website. 

Examples are:







            etc., etc., etc.


Amongst such exalted "e" prefixed domain names, stands out as the shortest and only "e" prefix with both a word and an acronym on the world market! 

Brandability?  How about:

     ecommerce                                            European Union States       

       social networking                                  EUsecurity/sales/services/etc.

       startups                                                   Investment

       travel/real estate                                   

       branding, new product/service




Here are some additional attributes brings to the table:


   easy to pronounce, spell, read and type.

   easy to remember (Memory and retention of a brand is critically important.)

   is the shortest "e" prefix dot com followed by a word and acronym on the world market.

   has broad applicability with high brandability.

   Unique dot com (Location! Location! Location!) is the domain name that will stand the test of time. is an investment that will continue to appreciate substantially.


WHAT ABOUT PRICE? is the best value of any premium "e" prefix domain sale.  Examples of prior "e" prefix domain sales are: $1,350,000 $1,000,000 $3,000,000 $250,000 $2,150,000 priceless $??????





Latest Domain Name News

Nissan sells their domain name for $6,780,000. sells for $6,780,000 USD!  Here’s why…

The purchaser, GMO Internet Inc., is one of Japan’s largest ISPs.  GMO said the domain will spearhead their global growth strategy  with one of the most memorable domain names.  Plus, and this is important, it will offer GMO “an unparalleled marketing opportunity”.  The price for GMO was substantially less than a 1 minute Super Bowl ad.  Additionally, should save their company millions of dollars in transition and marketing costs on a global scale.  GMO will be consolidating their brand under the simple domain name, one of the most memorable domain names globally.  Again, the value of premium generic domain names is proven in the eyes of the wise investor/end user.