The Billionaires Dilemma

When one multi-billionaire was speaking to a group of young people he told them that, if it were possible, he would trade positions with anyone of them. The person who traded positions with him could have all of his wealth and possessions. There was only one condition: he would have their youth; they would have his old age. One student asked what kind of airplane he had. Gulfstream V, the top of the line. Another student asked how many homes he had and where they were located. All of his homes were luxurious and many in exotic locations. In the end, not one young person was willing to relinquish their youth, hope, and poverty for the billionaires riches and older age.

Let’s alter this picture just a little…

Suppose you are now 90 years old; poor in the things of this world but rich in the years you have walked by faith in Jesus Christ. You are suddenly offered the opportunity to be 18 years old again. It gets even better. The offer is that you will be an 18 year old multi-billionaire. The icing on the cake is the guarantee that you will again live to a ripe old age to enjoy your “treasures”. There is only one catch… you will never, ever be allowed to have a heart of repentance and faith in Jesus Christ in order to be saved. Now, what is your choice? Is your life being lived in harmony with your choice?

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