The Highest and Best School of learning... Backside of the Desert U.

Actual picture of Mount Sinai

“… and Moses led the flock to the backside of the desert, and came to the mountain of God, even to Horeb."

God had an important work for Moses to do and for this he must be prepared. That work was to lead His people out of Egypt, and conduct them unto the promised inheritance. We read that Moses was "mighty in words and deeds". What then was lacking?

The colleges of this world cannot equip for the Divine service; for that we must be taught in the school of God. To learn in the school of God, Moses must turn his back on the land of the Pharaoh’s. It is still so. The heart must be separated, the spirit divorced from the world.

“The backside of the desert” is where men and things, the world and self, present circumstances and their influences, are all valued at what they are really worth. It is there alone that you will find a Divinely-adjusted balance in which to weigh all within and all around. The enemy of your soul cannot gild the sand of that place. All is reality there. The heart that has found itself in the presence of God at ‘the backside of the desert” has right thoughts about everything. It is raised far above the exciting influences of this world’s schemes. The bustle and din and noise of Egypt do not fall upon the ear in that distant place. The crash in the monetary and commercial world is not heard there; the sigh of ambition is not heard there; the thirst for gold is not felt there; the eye is never dimmed with lust, nor the heart swollen with pride there; human applause does not elate, nor does human censure depress there. In a word, everything is set aside save the stillness and light of divine presence. God’s voice alone is heard, His light enjoyed, His thoughts received. This is the place to which all must go to be educated for the ministry; and there all must remain if they would succeed in the ministry.

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