EUS... world's next cryptocurrency?

Is EUS the next blockchain, cryptocurrency, or ICO? Very well could be. Investors/entrepreneurs seem to be knocking on the door for this premium domain name to take its place next to the likes of EOS, a blockchain with a market cap of over $5 billion. But why would an investor/startup want the EUS domain name for their venture? Consider…

All blockchains and currencies listed below have a three-letter symbol beginning with “E”. Such symbols seem to be a preponderant favorite for presenting strong credibility and engendering investor confidence in the crypto world. ETH, the symbol for the blockchain Ethereum ($23 billion market cap) unfortunately uses the dot ORG extension. (The domain name ETH.COM sold for $2 million in 2017 to MyEtherWallet.)

CRYPTO.COM was recently purchased for a rumored $12 million. Talk is TOKEN.COM was also recently purchased for a strong 7-figure price. Even the non-premium BLOCK-CHAIN.COM domain name changed hands for $1 million this year. Bitcoin’s domain name BTC.COM was purchased for (what now seems a bargain) $1.1 million.

All this to emphasize that demand for the few remaining premium blockchain/crypto/ICO related dot COM domains names remains strong. EUS’s alphabetically crypto first cousin, EOS, does not even own the dot COM extension. EOS.COM belongs to Earth Observing System. EOS is stuck with an Indian Ocean extension.

So, is EUS a potential EOS competitor? We don’t know, but EUS holds one huge advantage over EOS… it owns its dot COM extension: EUS.COM. Contact for upcoming news and developments.

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