Thinnest Church in America

So, what is so unusual about this church? Wait and see…

So, what is so unusual about this church? Wait and see…

I grew up in a small house next door to the church pictured above. Each Sunday morning, before attending a different church, I played in the sandbox while this next-door church conducted services. The louder the church sang, the louder I played. I don’t know whether there is any correlation from my activity to what eventually became of the church.

As the years passed and attendance declined, the building eventually was remodeled as you see here:

Yep, this is now the thinnest church in America. As the years passed, most of the church building was demolished except for the vestibule and façade. I was told the current owner wanted a place to get-away so he could watch football. The vestibule now has a large-screen TV, heater and lounge.

To view the thinnest church in America, you will need to travel to Inverness, MS… a small farming hamlet in the Mississippi Delta. While there, be sure to try some of the best hot tamales in the South.

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