is the shortest and only "e" prefixed on the world market with both a name and a synonym! Here are some of the attributes brings to your business:

1. Easy to pronounce, spell, read, & type.

2. Easy to remember (memory and retention of a brand is critically important).

3. has broad applicability with high brandability.

4. is an investment that will continue to appreciate.

5. This is the domain name that will stand the test of time.

Own US

Among the nation’s most desirable, flexible, and brand-able investment grade domain names. is one of the true premiere investment-grade domain names available on the World Wide Web.  An easy to find and easy to remember address such as creates top-of-mind awareness for potentially tens of millions of users. is the ultra premium generic domain name with extraordinary usability.


The value of eUS has to do with a 2 letter word (US) with a prefix related to the internet.  "US" has strikingly high flexibility for entre to ecommerce, social networking, travel and tourism, auctions, real estate, government services, etc.  The possibilities are endless. is the domain vehicle that will enable you to reach your online goals quicker, more economically, and with instant and easy recognition.  For end users and investors with a global vision this may be one of your last opportunities to acquire such a rare and strategic domain property.


 is easy to remember  (This domain name opens up the “e” world with arguably the easiest-to-remember name. Such an easy-to-remember name enables your company to fast track its online objectives.)


2. is easy to input  (Creates the shortest route for direct access to your product or services.)

3. is very cost effective  (Far less than the costs of a 15 second Super Bowl ad!)

4. is highly brand-able  ( offers the versatility to be applicable to a variety of end user services and products.)

5. is an investment that will continue to increase in value.